EV Charging

EV Charging

A must have unit for anyone with a domestic or commercial Electric Vehicle

App Controlled

Control and manage your charge settings, remotely via the inter- net

Solar Diversion

harge your EV with your excess solar generation – link to Battery Storage

Plug & Play

Fast installation, to get you motoring

Integrated PEN Protection

No earth required for installation

It is much cheaper and quicker to charge your vehicle at home compared to a public rapid charger. This is dependent on location, tariff, battery capacity, charging speed and charging level, but charging an Electric Vehicle is far less than petrol or diesel.

Once the battery is charged, the charging stops so go back to sleep, there’s nothing for you to do.

If you subscribe to an octopus energy off peak tariff you can set your batteries to charge at night between 12-5am at a much cheaper rate (currently 12 pence per kwh).

On those cloudy days when the solar is not producing at its best still run your home efficiently and have a 70% saving against the current average daytime energy rate of 45 pence per kwh.

Home Charger

Charge your EV in no time with our fast and reliable 7kw charger. Compatable with most plug-in electric cars, the EV charger will be a great addition to your green energy soloutions. The system can be installed indoor and outdoor and even in the smallest spaces. Control and monitor via an easy to use app.

Commercial Charger

If your business premises has an AC three phase supply, you can install a 22kWH EV Charger and benefit from faster charging speeds, how- ever not all Electrical Vehicles can charge at these higher rates on AC. There are other factors to consider and we can help you navigate these areas that include Charging Speeds, Slow, Fast & Rapid, Connector Types and Tethered and Untethered options.