Battery Storage

There are two types of battery: lithium-ion, which last longer, and lead-acid batteries and battery storage can only be installed by a qualified electrician.

You will be pleased to know we are NICEIC approved installers. Now you know we are qualified (link), let’s find out why you might consider battery storage. This can be complimented with your new system or if you have had solar PV installed already and are probably wasting that energy you have been producing and not storing?

  • Use the stored energy when you actually need it.
  • Use it when the sun has gone to bed, or when you do such as charging your electric vehicle – (.. find out more – link to EV)
  • Selling excess energy using the Smart Export Guarantee. When your battery is fully charged.
  • Reduce the need to rely on the National Grid through your supplier.
  • Storage can also be used to draw power from the grid when it is especially cheap.
  • Reduce your electricity bills.

Your storage system will monitor performance and when your battery need replac- ing which will be sometime during your 25+years of your Solar PV lifetime. There are many systems available, some the size of a small box right up to the size of a fridge and we can advise the right size for your usage, weight and space to house your battery.